Top Reasons to Join the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce

Ribbon cutting at The Compassion Factory - Feb 2018

Ribbon cutting at The Compassion Factory - Feb 2018

Whether your business is new to Brookfield or you’ve been here for decades, being a part of the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce (BCOC) has tons of benefits. We took some of the top reasons to join and listed them below.

Reasons to Join:

  1. Consumers are more likely to buy goods or serves from a company they know is a chamber member.

  2. Membership brings credibility to your business.

  3. Free listing in the BCOC member directory which links to your business website, bringing you increase web traffic and brand awareness.

  4. Th BCOC helps to strengthen economic development and to helps to create jobs.

  5. Involvement and success gives personal and professional fulfillment.

  6. You can build relationships with other members and the community through active participation.

  7. Opportunity for referrals through BCOC members.

  8. Representative to Village Board for BCOC related issues.

  9. Partnership with other Brookfield organizations.

  10. Recognition of new member businesses.

As a member of the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce you have countless ways to attract new customers and to promote your business.


  • Online Membership Directory

  • Link to your business website

  • Monthly member spotlight

  • Facebook and Social Media exposure


  • Distributed monthly via Constant Contact and hosted on the BCOC Blog

  • Share events and news about your business

  • Member Spotlight

  • Upcoming Chamber and member benefits